Swingers - is it healthy for a couple?

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How healthy do you think this is for a couple?
My man offered to let me have sex with other people because he has ED and doesn't want to lose me. I have a hard time coping with that lifestyle change because I believe it could cause him to hate me in the end. Thoughts?
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js250 js250
Do NOT make a hasty decision!!! Take your time, be dead honest with yourself--are you also worried about how you would end up feeling toward your marriage? There are many ways he can continue to satisfy you sexually-dildo, strap on, fingers, tongue, vibrator Sybian-if affordable for you-and two loving and fun imaginations. You both need to communicate, be sincere and honest and be committed enough to work out a solution that makes BOTH of you completely happy--no doubts or what if's.

I wish both of you the best and hope you work this out for both of your happiness. I truly hope your husband goes to his physician for a check up to find out what is causing the ED--hopefully it is not serious or life threatening!! Message me anytime if you need a friend to talk to!!
Peggi Peggi
I fully agree with the first response but I'll just add, if there is ANY question in your mind any "what if" or worries about what may come of it DON'T do it. Wait until you are certain that it is what you want and that you've clearly communicated, BOTH of you, your thoughts.
Upyourreviews Upyourreviews
Thanks guys! This did help me a bit!
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