Tips for Newbies?

Squidget Squidget
My boyfriend and I only recently started having sex (first times were together). We're planning on getting it on this Friday, in lieu of upcoming Valentine's Day. We have some lube, condoms, massage oil, a cock ring, and Cosmo's Truth or Dare as well as some lingerie on my end in our arsenal. Ultimately it's up to us, I know, but anyone have any ideas of what we should do? Any easy positions? What were your first few times like?
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Jul!a Jul!a
My first few times were lackluster and on a sofa bed in a basement, lol.

Missionary and cowgirl are the easiest positions, and cowgirl would work best to get the most out of a vibrating cock ring. Other than that, I hesitate to try and suggest "best" or "easiest" positions or anything like that. It's all about what you guys like together. So my advice is to have fun and experiment. Go outside of your comfort zones a little bit and try something new and exciting. Most of all, have fun with it!
Swish Swish
don't get too into using all the toys and things although they sound like great fun, try whatever feels right doggy style is always a favorite and so is missionary cowgirl and forking! or well spooning :]
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