We've heard plenty on the rpoblems...what about the times when it is going good?

js250 js250
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Sometimes in a LTR, there are just times when it isn't so good. We have all pretty much discussed problem times and not so good issues, but how about when your relationship is going good?

Right now, my husband and I have just pulled through a major problem area. We are happy, glad to see each other at the end of the day and are working together on problems that were kept to ourselves before. This has made a big difference in our relationship, reducing the stress levels and frustration we were feeling previously. It is great to have some happy times!!
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Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Alan & I have long since reached that comfortable phase when the relationship is going good pretty regularly, but in the face of all the drama that other couples seem to endure on a day to day basis, we usually don't say much about that (lol).

nova2014 nova2014
There are points that are good and points that are bad and both of those types of points really put what you're going through into perspectives. When we're in a rough spot thinking about the good points make me feel better and when we're in a good place it feels even better when I remember that we made it through that rough patch
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