Where did you meet your Forever Lover?

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Where did you meet your Forever Lover?

Sweet-Justice Sweet-Justice
Believe it or not I met my Wife over YouTube. Haha. Long Long story short, I was a dork that posted videos of herself singing and my once strange of a wife posted a lovely comment on one of my videos that really spoke to me and we became friends, IM buddies, cam chat and then we met in person about 2 years later. We've been officially "Girlfriends" for three years now. I only wish I still had that video account for our memories.
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Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Hmm... which time? We met the first time, briefly, through a mutual friend. He was involved with someone else, and I was too young to be interested anyway. We met the second time almost a decade later, when I moved into an apartment and then found out that he was my neighbor.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
In Yahoo chat, in the 90s.
Jul!a Jul!a
High school. We dated for 9 months, broke up, somehow managed to stay close friends, got back together in January of 2009, married 1 month ago today
Naughty Student Naughty Student
In a bar in 2005, so ironic, as I believed no relationship that was based on two people meeting in a bar would last. I contradicted myself, lol.
Vaccinium Vaccinium
I met my wife over a dead cat.

We were both in the same anatomy class in college back in 1994, and she frequently asked me to help her with identifying the muscles in the cat she had to dissect. As I was dating someone else at the time, we didn't actually start dating until 6 months later when we ended up in the same statistics class. That, in and of itself, was pretty amazing, considering we were attending one of the largest universities in the country. She found out the first day of class that she didn't need to take the course, but she stayed in it anyway just to be near me. Weeks later, I dumped my girlfriend and started dating her.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Fix-up - she was moving to LA and friends asked me to 'look after her'! We were both engaged to others at the time - it was a little complicated for a while!

I passed up money for her and she passed up athletic good looks for me!
mrs.mckrakn mrs.mckrakn
sprint jumbucket lol so dumb...
liilii080 liilii080
At the gym in kickboxing. He was standing behind me enjoying the assets and wondering why I made so much noise
*HisMrs* *HisMrs*
AOL chat, Our first date was at the County fair! =)
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by Sweet-Justice
Believe it or not I met my Wife over YouTube. Haha. Long Long story short, I was a dork that posted videos of herself singing and my once strange of a wife posted a lovely comment on one of my videos that really spoke to me and we became friends, IM ...
I met my husband in french class in highschool. We graduated side by side and then dated for almost two years after before getting marrried.

I met my life partner in an online roleplaying game and we were friends for several years before we admitted we were mutually attracted to each other. When we met is was fireworks...for all three of us.
LikeSunshineDust LikeSunshineDust
J and I met at a birthday party of a mutual friend. He told me a couple years later that he almost didn't go. Glad he did
newlady newlady
It was the summer I turned I turned 16 and my parents had moved to a new town. My sister & I were out in the front of our parents' house (in our short-short-pull-up-th e-zipper-with-a-coat-h anger-tight jean cut offs) playing badminton. He lived in a small apartment across the street. I guess he liked what he saw because he came over and said hi and it was an instant attraction..... the rest is history! (wow,never actually considered how long ago that was until now )
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
I met my husband when I was 13 and his family lived a few doors down from ours. We dated other people, became best friends, started dating when I was 15 and he was 17, and the rest, as they say, is history. We've been married for 24 years.
onehotmomma onehotmomma
We went to school together, He was 2 years younger than I, and he had moved here his freshman year of school, I was a junior. I didn't know him very well, we had a lot of mutual friends, but then I moved away for my senior year. When I moved back, I got a job, and a year later he started to work with me. We remembered each other and started to hang out, it wasn't long until we were attached at the hip!
married with children married with children
we went to school together. been together since 93
Kaltir Kaltir
We met through my ex, over 10 years ago. My ex was my then bf and a very controlling person, and my now husband was seeing some slut or another (I'm not being harsh about his ex, most of them were just slutty, lol). We lost touch because of my controlling bf and his later crazy gf. A couple years after I left the controlling bf and about 8 months after he left his crazy gf, he got my number from a mutual friend, and called to see if we could catch up on the past 5-6 years. We still felt strongly for one another and hit it off right away. We've been together 2 1/2 years, and married for the last 7 months
SerenityRed SerenityRed
We were freshman in college together. I always hung out in the guys dorm and we instantly hit it off.
slynch slynch
Met through her Yahoo Personal ad in October 2000. Happily married.
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