Worst Habit?

Kaltir Kaltir
What's your partners worst habit? How do you cope with it?
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Lindsey123 Lindsey123
He likes to give me wedgies. ALL the time. I cope by doing the same back.
- Kira - - Kira -
His greatest joy in life is aggravating people. Not just me, but other people too. Sometimes I shrug it off and sometimes I freak out and scream. LOL I don't cope well with aggravation!
js250 js250
Elnoa Elnoa
Being a slob. I cope with it by leaving him notes telling him what I need him to do that day, to put his stuff away, tidy his desk, etc.
poetprincess poetprincess
Originally posted by Kaltir
What's your partners worst habit? How do you cope with it?
video games. seriously he can zone out after work for hours with them and not realize how much time has passed, me I just deal with it I figure at least I know where he is and its not in a bar chasing some girl..
allinonekid allinonekid
Smoking. How do I cope? By reminding them that I'm asthmatic and could die. That ends it pretty quick
jedent jedent
voluntary: GULPING. drives me up the fucking wall.

involuntary: drooling. alseep, awake, he drools. poor guy though lol
onehotmomma onehotmomma
Originally posted by Kaltir
What's your partners worst habit? How do you cope with it?
I have 3, that I absolutely can not stand, and haven't been able to deal with.
1. Leaving a wet towel on the bed after he's out of the shower.
2.Whenever he opens cupboards, whether it be in the bathroom or the kitchen he NEVER closes them. Same goes for the dishwasher, and dryer.
3. His most famous move... Not being able to put a dish in the sink, or dishwasher, nor put laundry in the basket. He will throw socks, shirts pants, literally RIGHT next to the empty basket. Same with dishes. He'll get up and put a cereal bowl on the counter next to the empty sink. I just will never understand it. lol
kendra30752 kendra30752
hmmm... I really don't know of any that are extremely bothersome... maybe when he talks super loud because for some reason he seems to think my mom's deaf. Lol. Ha Ha. I don't know what it is but when he talks to hear he gets incredibly loud! It's not really a "habit" or a real problem, just a quirk I suppose. Now he has a tendency to forget very easily and lose things! In Panama in October he lost his entire wallet and we went back to the store looking for it and these guys tried jumping in the backseat of my car! Thank God there was the baby's car seat (not with her in it of course!) and he wasn't able to get inside. I had to break out my pepper spray all because of it. He's really terrible about losing things. Just 2 weeks ago we spent an hour on hands and knees in the floor looking for the segment of my lip ring that he lost within 1 second, seriously. I kept saying check your pockets, check them! He dumped everything out. After nearly giving up he said "you're going to murder me". Guess where it was? In his freakin' pocket! Lol. It's a common occurance. Ha Ha. Not terrible, but it sure can be frustrating.
IrishLassie IrishLassie
I think the one that annoys me most is he doesnt turn off lights in rooms he's not in. He's trying and I know he is trying to get better.
butterflygirlxo butterflygirlxo
Originally posted by js250
Same here I would like to know how you cope with it .
bdvnt bdvnt
She mumbles. I have problems hearing, so if she isn't facing me and speaking in at least a normal coversational volume, I won't understand her. We deal with this by establishing the rule, "eye contact and verbal response required" for any conversation. It's only a bad thing when she acts like it's my fault that I can't hear her. As if I'm not paying attention or something. That's annoying. It's a disability, not a choice.
nova2014 nova2014
His worse habit is probably his gaming, it was fine in the beginning but now it feels like his games take precedence over me. If I try to talk to him about something important to me he's still stuck on the game, he can't stop or anything. It's not like his game is doing anything for his life, and *I'm* there for him for anything so shouldn't he be able to put down his game for me?
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