Would you change your relationship, if it wasn't working?

Lif3sambiguity Lif3sambiguity
would you every change your relationship to try and rekindle the love you once had? If things began to go downhill with someone you though to be your life partner what things would you do to help fix things?
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Break up
leave it be
other (explain)
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
It would depend on the relationship. My first response would be to work out the problems, possibly re-negotiate some boundaries, possibly seek some professional help.
Phoenix713 Phoenix713
I agree with Airen Wolf, mostly, but there are some other things I would do, too. It also depends on the person's perspective and mine, how we work together to straighten things out, and especially how much we love each other, how much we want to stay together.
minny minny
work on what needs fixed
onehotmomma onehotmomma
Try to make it work, I guess. There is only so much you can do, and people do change. I am currently trying to work out the probs in my relationship, but am finding out that there isn't really any "problems" we've more or less just grown apart, have different priorities, and want very different lives.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I'd try to work it out, but if that doesn't work we'd probably break up.
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
That would depend on what was going downhill; but it would all start with open communication and negotiation about needs that are and are not being met appropriately.
Harlequin Harlequin
It depends on the scenario.
sbon sbon
It depends on the reason. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to open up a relationship. I'm pretty jealous, so I think that would probably end up causing more problems.
liilii080 liilii080
If things got bad enough I think I'd move out and try counseling as a last resort to rekindle things and learn to re-appreciate and love each other. I hope we'd catch it long before it got to that point though.
Kayla Upside Down Kayla Upside Down
I am the type of person that, given the fact that I truly love this person and I know they love me but we are having serious issues...I would continue to take all means to make things work, if then, it doesn't seem like the love can be completely rekindled, I suppose that's when plan B should take place, such as breaking it off.
Xavier7 Xavier7
I would be cool with an open relationship, if she would let me.
girl next door girl next door
I would want to work things out and get counseling. Also make sure we had enough together time
SexyStuff SexyStuff
I tried breaking up with my husband (then boyfriend) so many times and it never stuck.. so, I wouldn't ever bother trying to quit. Pretty soon I'd want him back
Bunnycups Bunnycups
I'd get couples counseling, unless it was a really unhealthy situation. If the situation was abusive I'd just leave.
Cream in the Cupcake Cream in the Cupcake
I think its case by case. Most likely creating an oen relationship will separate the two more (by including more people) and breaking up is rash.
guy4guyz420 guy4guyz420
Try to work things out.
❦Angel Of Music❦ ❦Angel Of Music❦
I have been in some unfix-able relationships where we even tried to work things out and most of the time we just weren't right for each other. Take my last relationship. We were engaged for almost a year, our wedding was coming up in a few months and he left me. We tried again, but this time decided to move in together to see if things would change because it was a long distance relationship. Nothing changed. It was just like I wasn't even there. Times like that just break you down a little bit and there isn't much you can do if you can't even rekindle the relationship while living under the same roof.
Tart Tart
My relationship isn't working right now. I wish I knew what to do, but there is 0 communication. I mean literally, 0. I haven't talked to him in 8 days. I guess I just leave it be. I have no idea what to do. I have tried every medium of communication possible and he doesn't respond. I don't get it.
RonLee RonLee
Everything depends on so many factors. I stayed in a crappy marriage for the sake of my son. I tried everything to make it work. Without that child, I may not have tried so hard.
Another discussion on this forum asked "Do you believe in Hell?"
I don't believe in it because I've lived it.
Curves Curves
couples therapy for the win!
nicole07 nicole07
I would try to work it out but if not move on
Peggi Peggi
Totally depends on what is causing it to fail, and try to fix it. Communication, understanding, compassion, those are 3 keys to starting to fix it.
Sex'и'Violence Sex'и'Violence
depends a lot on the relationship and the dynamic you have with your partner. I have to reiterate that communication is the most important thing and after you find out what the problem is, you need to discuss and find a reasonable solution that you can both live with.
Vanille Vanille
Work on it, and if it turns out to be in vain, move on!
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
I would depend on if I was still in love with the person I was with. If I was I would work my hardest to make my relationship work.
bayosgirl bayosgirl
It's hard to say. Depends on the relationship.
(k)InkyIvy (k)InkyIvy
If I felt like the relationship had the potential to become what it once was, I'd definitely be willing to change things and work at it! I'd talk to my partner and discuss what we felt the problem areas are and work from there.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
Depends on the situation. There are so many variables.
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