How did it start for you?

Cherry21 Cherry21
So how did polyamory start for you? Did you meet a couple, or were you the couple, or perhaps it was a 3 person agreement from the start? I'm curious!
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cupcakeman cupcakeman
Ha... My girlfriends mom and dad got a girlfriend. And then we were like... :0 THAT LOOKS FUN.

Okay so the that looks fun part took about 3 or 4 years to happen. But the thought of polyamory didn't come up until they found a third. She's just her mom's girlfriend now, her dad only ended up liking her as a friend.

Now my girlfriend and I are OPEN to the idea, though we haven't found anyone we like (not like we're looking that hard) So uh. Yeah our start was... strange. She has strange parents. But they're awesome <3
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