How many people have you been in an exclusive poly relationship with at once?

KinkyCouple KinkyCouple
I was in an exclusive relationship with four other people for awhile. I was wondering how common/uncommon that is with other polyamorous people.
Jun 22, 5:20 pm
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envyoddball envyoddball
Currently, I'm in an exclusive relationship with two people, but we're all open to having more. None of us have found a good addition to our love lives, though. It was hard for me to gather up enough courage to ask my second partner to be with me, so I've had a hard time venturing out and finding another person who's also poly and who I trust enough to enter into a relationship with.

May I ask how you ended up with your four? I've been wondering how to branch out and meet like-minded people better. My fiancé I've been with for five years, and my other partner I've been with since last year and was a friend for a long time, so I had an easy time starting out but I don't know where to find another. I'm bad at the dating world in general, since the first two kind of coincidentally fell in my lap.
Jul 15, 5:21 pm
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