Blended Relationship: Monogamy with Polyamorous Partners

AlleyKitten AlleyKitten
Any thoughts on someone who is mono being with someone who is poly? Is it doomed to fail or can it work out?
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Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Originally posted by AlleyKitten
Any thoughts on someone who is mono being with someone who is poly? Is it doomed to fail or can it work out?
It can work just fine so long as everything is open and the choice to remain monogamous is left up to the individuals in the relationship. My relationship has been a mix of poly, swinging and mono and it works because it's the choice of each member what, where and with whom they have a relationship.
In relationships where there is an element of kink such as master/slave the roles should be chosen not forced. Even in cuckolding relationships the dynamic is best when the parties involved have chosen their roles.
This should also include all aspects of the relationship, in a poly relationship the emphasis isn't just on sex so the monogamous partner should understand that his/her poly partner is going to invest time and energy into the other relationship(s). The mono partner needs to be strong, self sufficient and able to fill their own time and needs.

In my relationship my mono partner is free to choose to have another relationship if he wants one and I spend quite a significant portion of my day with him...but there are times I need space to nurture my relationship with my other partner. Since my partners are good friends it works because they each want the other to be happy.
closed account closed account
like with anything, if everyone involved is honest with each other and themselves when they say they are ok with it then it can work until if and when someones needs change
KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
I would say it can work. I am with two men and one of them has no interest at this point of being with anyone but me. I agree with Airen. It has to be their choice though.
smlove smlove
Agree with all of the above. Communication and openness, even if just with feelings, is the most important thing.
AlleyKitten AlleyKitten
Thanks for the answers. It gave me alot to think about.
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