Are there places you can go that professionally videotape your partner and you having sex?

CPTInsanity CPTInsanity
I have always wondered if there are places that you could go to that professionally videotape couples having sex. I know that my wife has gone and had X rated pictures made for me at a professional photographer, but I want a professional sex videographer. I want it to be a place that feels sexy and clean. I've never heard of anything like this, but it was just a thought that it would be awsome if there was someplace like this. I know it would be easier to ask someone to just videotape this, but my wife and I are both well respected professionals in our communities,and we don't have any friends that we would feel comfortable asking this kind of thing from. Leave me your thoughts of anything like this that you have heard of. Thanks.
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Ansley Ansley
I'm not aware of any such place. I have wondered the same in the past. It would be a great start-up business, for sure.
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
I wish there was. We want to be videoed sooooo bad!! The closest we're gonna get to it is having someone come over and video for us. I wish there was a place that you could go to have it done! That would be awesome!
CPTInsanity CPTInsanity
I wonder if its even legal, because you would think that someone in America would have figured out that they can make some money while watching people have sex. Not a bad gig if you can get it. I would drop some pretty serious cash for something like this.
BadassFatass BadassFatass
Hm...maybe I need to invest in some sound and camera equipment, haha.
purplekidney purplekidney
He: There's gotta be a place in Vegas. If not, it's time for somebody to start up a new business.
ToyingCouple ToyingCouple
Rather do it privately, less chance of it being leaked!
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