Favorite Midnight Driving Date

xgreatlovex xgreatlovex
Sometimes you just have to look at one another an think, lets go for a drive! where's something fun to do on a getaway night time drive? Any favorite stories?
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js250 js250
We love driving the backroads...or grabbing 'the beater' (our old, beaten up truck), and a few beers to drive behind our house in the mountains. I do not advocate driving drunk--hence a FEW beers and mountains BEHIND our house!!!

Or driving to the lake and watching the stars on an air mattress in the back of the truck.

As long as we do not take my car and get it stuck in a HUGE mud puddle...10 miles of walking out of the mountains later, we got cell service and I told my daughter to get my truck out of the dang pasture and drive it up to get me!! (The truck and her were both unlicensed...luckily, she called her grandma to drive the 15 miles to come get our sorry, wet and frozen butts!) Oh--it was raining and we killed my 3 lighters and his cell battery for lighting.
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