Have you done anything sexual "in public" in the last year?

Bignuf Bignuf
In the past we have had "relations" hugging under long, large coats in a parking deck, once on a secluded monorail (no, not a Disney), as well as "did it" underwater in a lake full of people (we were young)! However, these were all done for "thrill" and we never aimed to let anyone else see anything, and took precautions so they didn't. I doubt even someone looking right at us would have really known what we were up to.

I thought those days were long, long gone, in this era of cameras everywhere. However, last night my hubby very much surprised me. After buying the last of our "adult playroom furniture" and having a very late dinner out, he made some story about wanting to try an "anal pile-drive" on me, with my laying off the edge of our new "super plushy playroom sofa". We still needed some pillows to make this happen and so, at 1 AM Saturday he decides we just "must" have some pillows to pull this off tomorrow. We pull into the big "open 24 hours" box store and I knew something was up when he parked at the far end of the parking lot and backed into a space so only the front of the car faced the store and it's roof mounted "security cameras". I didn't say a word and went along.

We went in, shopped for our pillows (and a few groceries) and the whole time in the pretty empty store, he is whispering to me about all the things he has planned for tomorrow. Our "playroom" has nine video cameras now, some free (tripod) and some mounted in strategic locations along the ceiling and wall. One mini cam he said he would "tape to my inner thigh so I could watch the wall mounted 65 inch high def screen and see his cock, magnified 100 fold, enter my little rear end from 4 inches away!!! (we record all this for our later editing and enjoyment). Anyway, he knew I would be soaked "down there" by the time we left the store, and as I was loading the pillows into the back of my mini SUV, he stood behind me, pushed me down with a hand between my shoulder blades, so I was standing behind my car, but laying in the back on top of the pillows (how convenient), and he hiked up my short skirt (I was wearing split crotch panties) and "took me" right there! I assumed he was going to just penetrate me for a moment, but he took a good four or five minutes of thrusting (while keeping an eye open for any roving security or other vehicles...of which there were none), till he flooded me with his love juices! It was awesome.

At this point, I had to do something myself to "up the game" and so, as he was zipping himself up, I said "I just had my car detailed, I sure can't get the seat soaked", and as coy and sweet as possible, said "what am I to do"? (I already had a plan).

I then reached into the grocery bags, and pulled out a tortilla shell I had bought for making Sunday lunch. "Oh, this will do fine", I said, as I put it down on my car seat. I then hiked my skirt as I sat down, wiggling just a bit for show, on my (cold) tortilla seat cover!

What hubby didn't expect (or I don't think so) is that when we got to the house, before getting out the pillows and groceries, I slid out of the car, took the now pussy juice and cum coated flat bread, and after licking it sensually right in front of his face, I rolled it up and ate it as sexily as possible, as we emptied the car.

Needless to say, hubby was rock hard by the time we got into the house. Still in the kitchen, I dropped to my knees, peeled off his pants and sucked him till he was even harder.

I won't go into more detail, but despite the fact it was now past 2 AM, it was a good couple more hours before we got any sleep at all!!! After sleeping in late (hey, we earned it), it will be this evening when we start our "pile driver movie. I am so looking forward to this evening!

Okay, that's my "last night" story. So has anyone else done anything "outside" (more or less "in public") in the last year?
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Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
Originally posted by Bignuf
In the past we have had "relations" hugging under long, large coats in a parking deck, once on a secluded monorail (no, not a Disney), as well as "did it" underwater in a lake full of people (we were young)! However, these were ...
I totally count online camming
Bignuf Bignuf
Originally posted by Slutty Girl Problems
I totally count online camming
Um....yes, that would be pretty public! Any "camming" we do is for our own use only.
edeneve edeneve
well, since this is private, I will only say that it happened on a dance floor.
foxxxriot foxxxriot
public sex is one of my greatest turn-ons. my man and i area always trying it in new places (and so far we've never been caught... at least to my knowledge). we've done it in parks, libraries, restaurants... even a bus and movie theater once. i think the movie theater was my favorite. it was a very old one; it used to be a very fancy drama theater before it was converted into a movie theater/concert hall. during the opening credits we snuck up to the balcony where no one could see is in the dark, empty back row. i can't say i remember much of the movie, but the entire experience was very exhilarating
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