How do you spice up your marriage?

tammyandy69 tammyandy69
What things do you do to add a little fire to your love life?
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married with children married with children
new toys, new things in bed, nights out without the kids. just to name a few.
Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
I was just about to post this and then I saw yours. New toys, new tricks in bed, new porn, sexting, sending dirty pics, surprising him when he comes home from work by being naked or all dressed up... bunches of things like that. I want some new ideas, so I'm looking forward to the answers to this post.
martvivid martvivid
Originally posted by tammyandy69
What things do you do to add a little fire to your love life?
We use lots of toys, lingerie etc, much like everyone else but we also sometimes indulge in a little exhibitionism. It means dressing in a skirt and stockings, without underwear, and sitting in a place where we can be seen playing or fucking in the window or going out with one of our favorite toys in my pussy and giving him the remote control. It's amazing how a little bit of public playing can get us both really hot and we can fantasise and replay our exploits over and over again. It's fairly harmless but it turns us both on so much to show ourselves off!
HusbandandWife HusbandandWife
We get the toy box out. Toys, lingerie or talking about fantasies usually works for us. A bit of exhibitionism is always fun!
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