How to persuade him...

ATL Freak ATL Freak
I want to get my husband to try a plug or something. I know he would like it, but how do I get him to do it without him thinking he is gay for liking it?
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ATL Freak ATL Freak
Anyone? Help?
Jul!a Jul!a
Well, you can introduce him to the site here and seeing the experiences from other straight men who enjoy anal play might help a bit. You can bring up all the benefits of prostate stimulation, and offer to start really slow with fingers and work up to plugs. There are a good number of beginner plugs that are nice and small as well. Is his only hangup that he'll think he's gay for liking it?
Solar Ray Solar Ray
Good advice up above. As a guy... it can be a sensitive area to approach for the first time as it has so many taboos surrounding it... but if he reads some reviews and discussions from other straight guys that should give him some encouragement.

Also, look around the site and choose a small plug or vibe and don't get some monster looking realistic dildo as the 1st toy and you should be on the right path.
KrystalFayeO KrystalFayeO
Just a question, what about it turns you on? Maybe telling him how much you would like it could persuade him?
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