Living with parents vs. being parents

snowminx snowminx
Do you find that it's harder to have alone time now that you have kids as apposed to when you were living with your parents? Is it the opposite?
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Munko Munko
I think the opposite. It's easier for me to know where my daughter is (usually napping or in bed) and know that at her age (1) she's not just going to bust down the door at her leisure. Maybe our chances for alone time are less but they're more comfortable, anyways. I would also much rather have my kid walk in on me than my parents (or his, in our case). I think it'd be much easier for me to sit down and talk to my kid about it than try to look another adult in the eye who knew what we were up to. Plus this is our house, so that just makes it even easier...I've always felt a little uneasy about other peoples houses, just because you never know.
dancingduo dancingduo
Sex wise parents block more than kids. Kids sleep more.
Gary Gary
I have my own space in our house, otherwise it would be impossible. My mom worked a lot when we were kids, so she was out of the house a lot.
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