Masturbator for hubby

nicky51679 nicky51679
I would really love to see my husband use a masturbator, can anyone tell what is a really good kind to buy, he has never used one before but I know he wouldn't be against it.
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
For a starter masturbator, I always recommend the Maven. I have had mine for 11 months and it still works great.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
My husband is enjoying the Flip Hole Black. It is his first masturbator. It isn't like anything he expected; it's better. There are lots of different textures leading to loads of sensation. He does say it is a bit tight, but still feels good. I love to use this on him.
Tidwtrguy Tidwtrguy
I like the Fleshlight but I wasn't convinced until I tried it.
BeautiFullFigured BeautiFullFigured
I got a Tenga flip hole for a male friend recently, he absolutely loved it. I'd say head honcho though if you're looking for something less expensive.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
Originally posted by ToyTimeTim
For a starter masturbator, I always recommend the Maven. I have had mine for 11 months and it still works great.
I second this. This is an EXCELLENT masturbator, starter or not! My husband has a Flip Hole and a Fleshlight and, while he likes both of them, he uses his Maven the most.
nicky51679 nicky51679
Thanks everyone for all the advice.
CPTInsanity CPTInsanity
I have the fleshlight. Its great the first time, but if I try to take it for a second go round then it hurts and wears away the skin of the head of the penis. That really sucks. I've done that twice, and almost threw it away the second time. But its great to use for the first masturbation session, just don't use it back to back.
Istanbull Istanbull
Whatever you get, make sure it's pre-opened for him. The best ones have an opening big enough for your pinky without stretching it. Anything smaller is hard to penetrate, will not last and is guarenteed to tear.

I just chucked a Briana Banks Pussy & Ass by Doc Johnson. What a piece of junk. The opening was too small for a pencil. I'm only 5 inches and I could not get my dick into it. I had to cut it with a knife(as serial killer as that sight must have been).

UR3, cyberskin or pleasureskin is a must! Silicon is junk.
nicky51679 nicky51679
Thanks for the advice guys!
Mz.GreenEyez Mz.GreenEyez
My husband uses the fleshlight.
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