Rough Play

BunnyBoy BunnyBoy
I like to get a little rough in the sheet, but my fiance usually likes it slow and gentle. How can I get my fiance in the mood to be a little kinkier.
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Booty Boop Booty Boop
My husband likes it rough and I like it slow. Although he liked to 'pound' me and I didn't like that. I tried toys in the bedrooms and it worked GREAT! he got all the pleasure and kinkiness that he liked and I got the more gentle but GREAT sex that I like. I purchased a cock ring and a different bullet. Check out my reviews. Those two inexpensive toys really helped our sex life.
MaryExy MaryExy
Maybe try something on the more sensual side to tease (feathers, massage, maybe blindfolds, chocolate stuff, etc.) and build up the tension slow and gentle. Then they may be more prone to just say "take me now" (a perfectly good cue for some rougher/quicker play). No experience to back up this theory unfortunately, but could be worth trying.
BunnyBoy BunnyBoy
Thanks guys. I'll give it a try.
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