If you found that dating the opposite sex wasn't working out, would you consider dating in the same sex?

I often wonder why I've seen women that I've known for years date men and all of a sudden date women. They say it's because there are no availble good men. is there some truth to this? Or were they curious out the gate?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've had troubles dating women - so it was them time to move on. I rarely had any trouble finding a better 'fit' for my next relationship.
bettle590 bettle590
I can't see myself dating women simply out of discontentment with men, so I imagine they were always at least curious or experienced some kind of fluidity. It's different for everyone.
charletnarouh charletnarouh
i think they probably always had some attraction to women. As a lesbian, i couldn't date men even if i was totally fed up with women because i have no physical or emotional or romantic attraction to them. It just wouldn't work because the desire wouldn't be there. If these women are dating other women and have the passion and the lust and the desire, i think it's something that was always part of them that either they didn't realize or were suppressing or something.
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