Kids and Exes and Dating, oh, my!

earthmama earthmama
I've been on a couple of online dating sites, and I notice that many of the people's profiles indicate they prefer a date who has "Never been married" over a divorced person, even when they list that they are okay with the idea of a date who has a kid or kids. Do you guys out there think this is true, generally? And if so, why?
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js250 js250
I think it could be an issue with those who do not want to deal with the baggage and hassles of an ex. Most people who get a divorce had a reason, some people take these issues out on their next partner due to the emotional scarring, so I can see why this could be a key point.
Fluke Fluke
Well when you date someone with kids you wonder if she will ever love you as much as she loves her kids. Her kids are #1, and really I want to fall in love with a woman in which I am #1 and then we have kids, that is the perfect scenario.

We won't admit it but lots of guys are romantics that want the happily ever after only fall in love with one person thing. Maybe a bit too unrealistic but what can you do.

I wish you luck on your search, as long as you stay positive and happy you'll find someone in no time.
earthmama earthmama
Well, if there are kids, there must be an ex out there somewhere, even if the couple wasn't married, right?
And, really, no one gets to 30-40 years old age bracket sans baggage. We're all human, after all. Some people's baggage just doesn't need day care/restraining orders.
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