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I'm curious as to what most of you think about labels in a relationship. For example, what defines a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship? In the past I've had guys tell me that they want to date me, but they don't want to be considered in a relationship. The first guy that said that turned out to be cheating on me. He didn't consider it cheating because he wasn't in a relationship with me. That one I understand, but the last guy, we started out "in a relationship" and he said he wanted to "slow it down." We weren't even sleeping together...but he said he would date me but he didn't want the relationship label. I am honestly lost with this one...
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K101 K101
To me, you're either committed to me or not. There's no friends with benefits or maybe I'll want a relationship later type of thing here. My partner and I don't believe in the game playing and all that confusing stuff. We're together in all ways. Comitted to only each other and in a relationship and dating each other all at the same time. To me, it's all the same. I don't like breaking it up and making new meanings of everything when really it usually means I don't want to commit to you, but I'll sleep with you every time I need to get some.

To me, whether it's sleeping together only or only being friends or actually committing, it's all a relationship of some sort. A friendship is a relationship. If you have sex with someone, you still had a type of relationship with them whether it was a committed, faithful one or not.
Peggi Peggi
First off, I've never really had an issue with guys not wanting to make things official, but I've also always been in open relationships up until now, so that might make it easier for them to feel like they can define us without feeling cornered by all of the typical rules of dating as far as not being able to have other partners. Although, they still have to abide by the rules of course!

Second, I never date for anything short of a long term relationship. Now, the guy I'm with now, we ended up together in a kinda weird way, so in our minds we were already dating but it was unspoken. Neither of us SAID anything, and I just put our facebook status' as in a relationship and we both told our friends that we were dating, but he never actually asked if I'd be his girlfriend and same for me. But, we had made it clear when I went to meet him, that we both really liked each other and that we wanted to date but thought it was best to meet in person
GravyCakes GravyCakes
to me, dating means seeing each other & going out on dates, but not being exclusive. being in a relationship means that you're being exclusive w/ each other & not seeing other people.
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