One night stands and the risks?

hillys hillys
I had my first one night stand about a month ago and it was a good pick me up but then I worried for about a week because the guy was super sketchy and I didn't know if he had any STD's or anything (I was worried I would get one even with condom use). My roommate said that I should be careful and not have one night stands anymore. I ended up not getting anything bad but I was wondering if anyone else who has one night stands worries about this sort of stuff, or I dunno is more selective with who their stands are?
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married with children married with children
I never slept around when I was single. Did not want to end up getting something or getting her pregnant.
thepaintedbird thepaintedbird
I've only had one, one night stand and came out clean, but damn was I freaking out. I messed around with a guy recently (no sex) but I was worried about possibly getting an std. He rubbed himself on my clit and even though it's not penetration, all it takes for an std is direct contact.
So I guess what I'm getting at is that I sympathize with your worries and the best things we can do are be responsible, use condoms, and get tested between partners
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