Which one do you prefer: Single or committed life?

irina09 irina09
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Which one do you prefer: Single or committed life?
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Ansley Ansley
I am not a fan of being single. It kind of seems pointless to me. I'm much more "me" in a relationship because there's a part of me that needs to nurture and be nurtured in return.
shorejen9 shorejen9
I am very happy, heck thrilled with my marriage and being with my husband. Single life isn't for me.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I fucking hate being single. But I've also lived in a hellish committed marriage, so I guess being single is the lesser of the two evils I've experienced so far. I'm suspecting there's no such thing as a healthy long-term relationship for me.
Stagger13 Stagger13
Originally posted by irina09
Which one do you prefer: Single or committed life?
Committed life is the way to go for me. Single is OK but does not come close to a committed relationship.
Rossie Rossie
Committed...I never liked being single.
doowop doowop
I like being single usually. I miss companionship, but the drama of my last relationship just kinda burned me out. I'll probably be single for a long time now.
ShinySuicide ShinySuicide
I hate being single. I like being in a relationship, but only if they're someone I really care about and are worth it.
fizzygato fizzygato

If I had someone I really loved, I would say committed, but right now I feel like I get too heart broken and attached easily and am thus a bad fit for relationships

I like having freedom and being able to casually meander without feeling bad
lilyflower lilyflower
I love being single. I usually feel like I lose my identity when I'm with someone, like I have to give up too much of my own life & interests to fit into the other person's life. It gets uncomfortable and then it has to end, so I can go back to being me. In other words, I'm not good at relationships!
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