How do I edit my review after I have submited it to my mentor?

amenti amenti
Ok, I did not realize that it would not let me edit my reviews after they have been submitted.
I've never done reviews on anything before outside of this site.
I can't seem to make it let me do it myself?
Is this something that I need my mentor to allow first?
I have to fix some things on it and it's driving me nuts that I can't do so.
I would like to implement some of the things I learned from my mentor onto my assignment before it gets published.
Am I missing something simple that will let me edit it?
I can't seem to find the button/option on here?
Thank you again EF for the help.
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Sammi Sammi
Once you've submitted your review to your mentor, you can't edit it until they've sent it back to you for revision.

You can post a comment at the bottom that only you and your mentor will see, though. If you want to do more editing, I'd either post a comment on the bottom or send your mentor a message, and ask that they send the review back to you so you can make changes.
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