Requesting assignments

SexyRayne SexyRayne
I am brand new as an advanced reviewer, YAY, and I wanted to know when requesting an assignment should I put in a couple requests in case one does not get accepted?? I am hoping to get an assignment soon but need to know this first thank you so much everyone.
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Ansley Ansley
There's no harm in doing that!
SparklyGlitter SparklyGlitter
YES! i always do this, pluse you get points for actions
Ryuson Ryuson
I always do one or two, but it depends on how badly you want to start reviewing!
js250 js250
I always put in two, that way of one is unavailable I have a second option. Irritating since it does not come off your assignment page but necessary.
El-Jaro El-Jaro

When requesting assignments, have at it! Request in the order of preference and we'll do our best. When your request gets assigned, the rest will cancel out.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
I usually put in multiple requests, since other people are requesting stuff too, and theirs might get approved first. If I have other items queued up, it makes it easier.
froggygal91 froggygal91
I always try to put in at least 2 or 3.
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