Chemical risks

Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
I found this totally amazing link and I thought I would share it with you guys. I figure it will be a good resource for those of us who are very conscious of the products that we expose ourselves to as well as those interested in including this information in product reviews. So here it is! Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database
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Emma (Girl With Fire) Emma (Girl With Fire)
I'm bumping this before it gets too lost. I want you guys to have access to it.
Jul!a Jul!a
Wow, I never realized just how hazardous makeup really could be. And makes me happy that I really only ever wear eyeliner, and since I started working from home I don't even bother with that most days, lol.
sophie2229 sophie2229
Thanks for the info. It's one of the many reasons why I don't wear makeup. That and I'm lazy.
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