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Kindred Kindred
I'm working on a comparison review of two products that I have not previously reviewed yet individually (Liberator Wedge and Wing). My current plan is two have two separate reviews, one for each. They will share some common sections, but I was thinking I would have to try to personalize each one individually so it was not just a complete copy.

Personally, I really find comparison reviews helpful because I am often looking at the two items under consideration and the comparison helps me decide. Is there any chance EF would consider comparison reviews as a new review category? My thought was that there would be just one review which would then be linked to both products under comparison. This would replace having two separate but very similar reviews. I've seen this work well using a blog to publish the review, but not everyone has a blog. Any thoughts?
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~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Great idea I like it I don't mind writing two totally different reviews for similar products. But I wouldn't mind doing it this way either.
Kayla Kayla
EdenCafe has a section on their blog for comparison reviews.

I'd totally be open to seeing a "Comparison" section on the Extended template, but I don't know about making it an entirely new catagory. I much prefer reading two separate reviews with maybe a paragraph attached that compares it.
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