Deciding how many bees a vibe gets

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Deciding how many bees a vibe gets

NuMe NuMe
I've often found it difficult to decide between 2 and 3 bees on vibes. If I remember correctly 2 bees is white noise like a cell phone. And three bees can be heard through a door. My problem has often been that there are many vibes that while not as quiet as white noise cannot be heard through a door.

Does anyone else have this problem deciding which one to pick sometimes?

And is there any way we can possibly make 2 bees a bit noisier or 3 bees a bit quieter? lol!
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Rockin' Rockin'
I see if a vibe can be easily heard through a door, and if so, I give the vibe 3 bees. We have French doors to our bedroom (with glass panes) so I am pretty sure sound travels through there a little easier than through solid wood doors. I'll usually test during a period when there's some white noise going on instead of when it's dead quiet. 2 bees = can't be heard through a door, or you have to strain to hear it (i.e. listen for it). 3 bees = can be heard through a door without even trying (like if you walked by the door, you'd be like "What's buzzing in there?").

I don't think it makes that much difference, though. If I see 2 or 3 bees, I know it's quieter than a 4 or 5 bee toy, and that lets me know there will be some degree of discreetness. We can't all use the same toys X feet from the same design/material door in the same type of room (carpet absorbs sound, tile makes it echo more, etc.) so rating differences are expected. If a product has more than one review, I like to see how different people rate the noise (and power) level. I personally wouldn't be turned away from a toy that I otherwise really wanted if it had 3 bees as a rating instead of 2.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Interesting thought. I would probably go with 2 bees if it's a hard choice or whatever is closer. As is, the hint for 2 bees doesn't apply to me at all because I cannot hear my phone vibrate or feel it actually. It lacks both the vrooms and bees. LOL But the way I view bees is that 2 would probably be something someone could hear in the same room, through only a thin sheet and 3 is something significantly louder. There's really no comparison between the two for me at all.
Juliettia Juliettia
I'm like Adriana. If I can hear it across the room it's 2 and outside the door is 3.
Heather Shadrick Heather Shadrick
Originally posted by Juliettia
I'm like Adriana. If I can hear it across the room it's 2 and outside the door is 3.
I agree. Lol, and the discussion goes: If its 1 then its probably broken or has a Vroom rating of 2. If its 5 you must be using a chain saw....LOL just thought I'd try and throw a little funny in it. But ya I agree there is a very subtle difference. 2 being a little quieter and 3 being normal.
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