Don't tell people they can put that in their butt!

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twice in this past week i've read reviews that said the toy could be used anally when it was clearly a toy with no flared base whatsoever. this concerns me. ALOT.

on this...question for editors: if you see something such as this do you address it when editing a review? I am curious because I am hoping to have the opportunity to participate in the editing program.
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Ansley Ansley
Hey there, some toys with careful supervision can be used anally. As for the editors, they are responsible for correcting misspellings and grammar mistakes, they are not responsible for editing the content of a review. That would be the job of a mentor or the community at large to raise questions on whether the information is accurate.
Sammi Sammi
Yep, what Stormy said. A lot of times when you see this, they did use it that way, so it's best addressed in the comments on the review. If the reviewer has a mentor, the mentor can address that with them.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I agree. Although I must say that even some of the toys I have seen that are to be used anally have little or no flare, scary!
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