When do you get the gift card for a video review?

Amelia Stone Amelia Stone
Okay so I finally did my first video review and while it came out a little rough I am proud of it. I'll be able to see how I grow as I do more of them. I was just wondering when do you get the gift card. Carrie Ann said it would be emailed to me Friday or Monday. It's Tuesday so I was just wondering if sometimes it takes longer. Anyway I'm loving eden even though right now I'm fighting with the post office because I messed up the address when I ordered but that's all on me. Anyway thanks.
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Jul!a Jul!a
Sometimes the weekend can kink things up. I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it's been a whole week and you still don't have it. At that point (or really at any point) you should definitely check your spam folder to make sure that it didn't get caught there (as the card doesn't come from Carrie Ann), and if after a week there's nothing in either folder, go ahead and email her back to let her know.
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