How do you use the Summary section of your review?

js250 js250
I have noticed a few different uses for the summary. I was wondering how you tend to use this section for your reviews, and how you like to see it used by others.

--Do you recap the review?
--Use it to draw interest in the review?
--Use it for an opinion?
--All of the above or other?
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Sammi Sammi
Often I'll use it for an opinion, but sometimes it's a bit of a recap.
js250 js250
I like using it to draw interest to the review, state an opinion of the item or to give hints of the alternative uses. I usually try to have fun with them, but there are times when I am just not that creative....
mpfm mpfm
I usually try to give an overview without being too repetitive. If I have strong feelings about the product, I'll give an opinion as well.
FieryRed FieryRed
I write my summary first, because it's the first thing people see in a review, and I want it to be fresh, rather than sounding like a grade-school essay conclusion. I use it to express my opinion on the product, and a few basic reasons for that opinion.
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