How often do you write reviews?

chantalgiardina chantalgiardina
how often do you write reviews? i wrote my first one last night and while it took me a while, I enjoyed writing it. I am curious to see how often everyone reviews products.
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nanamondoute nanamondoute
It depends on my mood. Right now, I have a bit of downtime before I start the next phase of my life, and as I have a lot of items left unreviewed (I ordered 10 items earlier in May), I'm writing about one a day.
meitman meitman
I usually write one a month at this point in time. I get one done in time to pick out a new item to review. I don't have very many extra items yet other than the one I get to review every month. I might write them more frequently in the future, though.
CuddleWhore CuddleWhore
I've only written two thus far so not very often.
married with children married with children
i write about one a week or so. I dont get much time to sit and write without being bothered by the kids.
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