Your thoughts on the Mentor program?

BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
What are your thoughts and/or concerns regarding the Mentor Program? Do you think that any of the rules for the program should be changed or altered in anyway? Should Eden make it a little tougher or easier for people to become a mentor? Share all you wish about this subject.
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Mikemanz Mikemanz
My reviews became much more "solid" having gotten into the mentor program. the advice, guidance and tools i received have definitely helped me to write reviews that are better - by better, I mean more useful to the community and more in line with what is expected/desired of a great review. I recommend it to lots of people whose reviews I read.
phoenixfire phoenixfire
I love the mentor program. I am learning so much about sex toys and safety by being a part of it. I feel safe with my mentor and can ask a lot of questions with her (which are needed for good reviews) which I would feel stupid asking on the open forums. My mentor is also there to give me info on toys I might not otherwise consider trying. Mentors are also a great way to meet people in the Eden community, and find people with like interests that you might want to follow. I can not speak to the requirements for mentordom as I am just a student, but the program itself is fab and I would hate to see it go away.
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