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soyandapplecrisp soyandapplecrisp
So, with the end of my school year i finally had time to write up a couple reviews for some items i bought, but am interested in requesting to move from a basic to advanced account. I was wandering, would it would be worth it for the two reviews I have done or if I should wait and do more reviews for the one item I have leftover to review along with whatever else I may be buying soon? It's my understanding that you get moved up to advanced if five people vote for you too, but beyond that I'm not familiar with the linguistics of it. I'd really appreciate a little advice on how I should handle moving "up", or even just suggestions on what to include/change about my reviews (my titles suck, btw haha).

Thanks in advance!
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Kissaki Kissaki
I would recommend that you apply to be a student in the mentor program. You choose a mentor and they will help you improve your review writing skills. And when you finish and graduate you will be promoted to the advanced reviewer status. I was originally unaware of the mentor program and went through the voting process. Later on I went through the mentor program and I would recommend it to any new prospective reviewers.
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