Reviewing a lingerie/Corset...

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Reviewing a lingerie/Corset...

*Ashley* *Ashley*
I'm expecting the Jesse Corset today. I was wonder what everyone looked for in these type of reviews, referring to lingerie. I'd appreciate all the help I can get.
So far I've written one review for lingerie. I think I did well. But I would like some more tips and pointers, so that I can do better reviews for this type of product. Thanks everyone for your time.
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Taylor Von Taylor Von
I would like to see comparison of your measurements to the size chart by brand. Does it feel good on? Is it nicely made or stand some roughness in the bedroom without falling apart? What is made of? How to clean? I like very detailed information on lingerie reviews. Most items will not fit my body due to smaller boobs and bigger hips, my boobs get lost in some lingerie or not fattering for me. Can they be altered (add padding for wear with a bra)?

I hope this helps.
Jul!a Jul!a
I would definitely mention what sizes the lingerie is supposed to fit, and list your measurements and how it fit you. How well is it built, will it stand up to rough play, can it be worn out in public, things like that. You can read a few other more detailed lingerie reviews too to get more ideas of what else you can add.

Since the piece you're talking about reviewing is a corset that covers a lot more skin than other lingerie outfits, maybe you can add pictures?

Hopefully that's helpful too, TaylonVon has some great tips
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