RSS Feeds - Have you read yours?

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RSS Feeds - Have you read yours?

Dragon Dragon
I love the idea of RSS feeds. I have been too busy fighting with work lately to implement any. (Literally - a child tried to stab me with a pencil!) Have you looked at your own though?

I looked at mine, and was annoyed. I need to go back and rewrite. I know that I can do better in some places. I'm not interested in the competitive aspect of Eden. I am however interested in leaving whatever "tracks" that are mine behind that are my best possible work.

We all go through phases and different times where we can put different abilities into any creative efforts or work. I've been here a long time, and I've changed both personally and as a Eden reviewer.

I'm annoyed at my RSS feed. I'm going to try to dedicate some time to updating.
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Epiphora Epiphora
I think you might be confused as to the point of RSS feeds. I don't think anyone is going to go to your profile and add your RSS feed to their reader, then proceed to scroll down the list and look at all the reviews. They can do that from your profile. The RSS feed is for newer updates. I know when I add an RSS feed to my reader, I mark everything as read immediately.
Dragon Dragon
Nope, not confused. Just disgusted. It provided more of a summary of what I've written than I normally read on my own profile page.
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