so hard to let go and enjoy. Any advice?

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so hard to let go and enjoy. Any advice?

Teacookie Teacookie
When it come to orgasims and addective sex I just never seem to get to the point of being a limp happy mindless ball of quivering joy. They only times I have gotten to the point I could not walk are very few. I know dressing up, shopping for clothes, watching dancing and martial arts will get me going. My favorite position is when they pound into me from behind and get me screaming. I don't overly care for foreplay I guess I am just not sensitive enough. If you have had this issue or know some one with a similar one, how on earth to I get the most out of a tumble when I don't get the prolong mental stimulase I seem to need.

Only masturbating I like so far is rocking back and forth clenching pressure to my clit using a blanket or pillow. Dildo seemed to work as well with the rocking.
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Silverdrop Silverdrop
I think this got posted in the wrong section. I think you should start by figuring out what sort of mental stimulation you are looking for, and finding ways to get it. Maybe some good erotica or porn imagery? Maybe meditation or prolonged flirting in a public place to get your motor going? There are ways to train your body to be more responsive to stimulus, and to respond to lighter touches all over rather than focusing just on the genitals.

Also, if you are intense orgasms from doggy style sex, when your clit isn't likely to be involved, then you are probably getting your G-spot stimulated. Perhaps you should look for a good G-spot vibe?

Good luck, regardless.
Teacookie Teacookie
thank you I posted this on my first day so I didn't know where it was suppose to be posted. figured no one would reply.
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