Sorry I've Been Away

My apologies to the staff and fellow reviewers at EF. I've been away for a very long time and I owe EF a lot of reviews. I became busy beyond my control and I hope I haven't offended anyone on staff for simply going "missing" for about two months.

I promise, I'm not dead. I've just been overwhelmed with school and having a job. I've barely had any freetime recently and I'm usually dead tired. I should be back in the reviewing game soon. I'm going on a leave of absence from my job for the rest of this semester because my grades are suffering. Since I'll be mostly focusing on school and not working 25+ a week, I expect to be a lot less busy now and I hope that more of my free time can be spent with lovely people on eden fantasys.

Thanks and stay sexy folks!
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Jul!a Jul!a
Thanks for letting us know, and I hope the rest of your semester goes well!
Originally posted by Jul!a
Thanks for letting us know, and I hope the rest of your semester goes well!
Thanks Sam
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Life happens, eh? I am sure everyone will understand, glad to have you back.
leatherlover leatherlover
Welcome back.
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
Welcome back!
Thanks everyone for being so understanding. Now I just need to get crackin on those reviews!!
Darling Jen Darling Jen
Awww, I don't know about the Staff but you know we understand. Glad to have you back and hope things get easier for you!
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