Writing your review

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Writing your review

Badass Badass
Do you wait a day or 2 before starting your reviews, or are you like me and start as soon as it gets here?
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- Kira - - Kira -
I write in one sitting. My reviews don't get started until after the toy is fully tested. This tends to be a week to three weeks after I use it for the first time. I take all my pictures as soon as I get my toy, but that's the only part of my review that gets done right away. I make little mental notes daily on things I want to include, but I don't type anything up until I'm ready to write the whole thing.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
We take a few notes as soon as we get the item (like about its packaging and any smells, etc.) but we don't start writing a review until we've used the toy more than once.

SMichelle SMichelle
At the moment, I have multiple reviews started, but nowhere near finished. Typically, however, I prefer to write my review all in one sitting. I find that my reviews are better that way.

As for how long it takes me to start a review, that depends on the individual item. There are some things that I can use once or twice before I feel comfortable writing a good review for it. Then, there are others that I need to use for weeks before I can write a review.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
I use the product at least 3 times to get a feel for it before I even start the review. I generally try to do it in one setting. Although lately I am finding it helpful to prepare all my photos first as in, take the photo, download to pc, edit photo, upload to flickr etc.
js250 js250
I start as soon as I open the box. I have a notebook I use for all my questions, ideas, impressions, etc.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Originally posted by js250
I start as soon as I open the box. I have a notebook I use for all my questions, ideas, impressions, etc.
I tried doing this, but I would always scratch things off, waste paper etc. So I keep all the packaging and everything else until i am done with the review.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I started a thread here the other day asking about this too.

I hope you get a chance to read it!

I make mental notes, but don't start writing a review unless I know I can finish it in one go.
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