Holly Hox Stands Up Tall For Her Second Graduation!

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Holly Hox Stands Up Tall For Her Second Graduation!

Antipova Antipova
Holly Hox
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Well done, Holly Hox! After coming to me as an already advanced reviewer, Holly Hox wanted to help her reviews stand out a little more, to have people excited to read what she has to say in her reviews.

So together we worked on adding lots of personal experience and sharing lots of details to her writing. She's done an awesome job explaining her thoughts on two glass dildos and one silicone vibe, and I think she'd made them very worth reading!

Check out A little more amateur than star, her review of Rock Star Stevie, complete with pictures showing the flex in the shaft that means this vibe won't work for pressure lovers. Next she came out with Swirly Amazing, a lovely review of the pretty, textured Amazing Swirls. And her most recent review, Swirled For Her Pleasure, of the Spiral Rib from Phallix, has convinced me that this dildo I've always been on the fence about will be worth getting.

Drop by her reviews and leave her some comments, and then pop by her profile and congratulate her on graduating!

Good job, Holly Hox!

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Kindred Kindred
Beck Beck
Ryuson Ryuson
Great job, both of you! Congrats!
Jul!a Jul!a
All His All His
Buttercup Green Buttercup Green
Congrats on a job well done!
Sammi Sammi
Holly Hox Holly Hox
Thanks everyone!!
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
Great job, thanks for your contributions!
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