How to handle an inactive student?

Do emu Do emu
If you accept a student and they don't respond to your messages, how long do you wait until canceling the class? I gave a certain student a week to respond to me after not hearing anything from them for 2 weeks, so there was a total of 3 weeks that they could have communicated with me. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, but I'm sure other people have a shorter time standard.
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snowminx snowminx
You can wait for as long or short as you want, it's your class. Whatever you feel like is a necessary amount of time. I would ask them why they take so long, maybe they are really busy with work or school at this time. I know I have a lot of projects since the semester is wrapping up but if I was involved in a program I would at least check messages everyday and respond to them. Have you tried leaving a message on their wall? Sometimes I get an email from getting certain things and not others. Also how new was this person that you took on? If they only did one or not any before they tried to get a mentor they might have just forgot all about this place, it happens.

Whatever you choose it doesn't hurt to keep one student on your list and it also doesn't hurt them if you cancel that class because they can just get another mentor.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
It doesn't hurt anything to keep them as your student, even if you haven't heard from them in a while. I give out reminder messages/wall posts every couple of weeks. I've had people go MIA for four months, only to come back and finish class with me. They aren't filling up a spot, I say don't worry about it and just keep sending reminders from time to time.
Sammi Sammi
You can always send them a message and ask them to respond by a certain date (I'd make it at least a week from when you're sending the message), and let them know that you'll be canceling the class if you haven't heard anything from them before then. Sometimes things come up, and they may not have had a chance to respond.
gorgeous gorgeous
Its up to you in the end, but being a student myself I have been a while and not talked to my mentor. Sometimes life gets real busy being in school and working and trying to have a social life. EF just isn't at the top of the list. I do this in my spare time. Unless there is a limit on how many students you can have it wouldn't hurt to leave them on your list until they come back. I will log in and message my mentor to let her know I'm still here, but sometimes its over a month with no contact.
Do emu Do emu
It helps to have other perspectives. I know when I was a student, I was in contact with my mentor every other day, but everyone has their own schedules. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks everyone!
Dixiemomma Dixiemomma
i usually give it a couple weeks and will try atleast 2 messages to get thru to them
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