Mentor program pass or fail notification?

eri86 eri86
For people who have completed the mentor program, about how long did it take after completing the tasks assigned by your mentor to get word back that they had decided to pass or fail you?

I realize it probably varies depending on the time constraints of both student and mentor, but I'm just hoping for an general idea, a spectrum of time.
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Kitka Kitka
I try to stay in touch with my students as much as possible so I normally ask them if they're ready to graduate or would like to stay on and work on some more reviews.

If I haven't heard from a student in a couple months after writing various emails I will cancel the class unless they let me know they'll be gone for a while or get in touch with me. I typically will send out a "last notice" type email to give them a chance, I know life gets in the way a lot of the time.
never shy never shy
My mentor passed me very quick I wrote three reviews in a few days and she passed me and sent messages almost everday it took about a week she was awesome
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
I will usually let a student know after the second review if I feel we should work on another one. And usually when I feel they're ready, I ask them how they feel about graduating. Usually they will say that they feel ready, but there are some that stick around and prefer to work on another one. I never mind, I want each student to feel confident in their reviewing and I don't want to graduate someone that doesn't feel ready.
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