Sent review back to student, and it published anyway..HELP!

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Sent review back to student, and it published anyway..HELP!

SMichelle SMichelle
One of my students submitted a review to me. I left her some commentary, and hit the button to send it back to her. The little box popped up asking if I was sure that I wanted to send it back to her, and I clicked yes. Next thing I know, the screen refreshed and it published! I am 100% CERTAIN that I did not hit publish, so this seems to be a glitch.

I'm absolutely panicked over this, as she was working really hard on the review it published automatically before she got the chance to go through and make changes.

Is there anything we can do here?
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K101 K101
Yikes! That is no good. I guess you could have her/him type up the changes you suggested and then YOU copy/paste them into the review, since after it's published the student does not have the option to edit, but you do. You could do a support ticket too.
Ansley Ansley
SMichelle, please contact JR about issues with reviews. There is nothing so catastrophic that it cannot wait for a response from him. Starting forum threads on the issue instead of contacting a staff member only delays the process.

Kendra, the student can edit their review once it's published. They need to go into their dashboard and find the review then click edit next to the review title.
Mwar Mwar
That stinks. But yeah, your student will be able to edit the review for the usual 3 week point and you can as well.

You make sense, Stormy. I must admit I'm probably guilty of making a similarly natured thread. Sometimes I just don't want to bother you guys because you're so busy with more important things!

It's so great you guys are open
SMichelle SMichelle
The student, thankfully, was super understanding and cool about it. She went through and made the additions I recommended, and I think everything is okay.
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