Darkestraven Darkestraven
Even though I am still your student I wanted everyone to know how much of an amazing Mentor you are! From our first messages to each other and all the questions I bombarded you with you answered them all without getting frustrated or upset with all the questions. You helped me see the flaws in my review as well as helped me to make it so much better to read and to understand. You did all this without sounding condesending, you did it all with examples of why it should be done instead of just what to do. you made me think of it myself and you listened to me without just pushing aside the things that i have said. to me that makes an amazing teacher and mentor. without you in my corner i would still have that craptastic condom

thank you so much for being my mentor and i look forward to all the new things that you will teach me!
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SexyySarah SexyySarah
Aww... well thank you sooo much that really means a lot to me! I know how hard it can be to be new and not know where to go, and I'm just glad I can help! Thanks for being a great student!!
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