Should I Join the Program?

Septimus Septimus
I'm fairly new to reviewing toys. I've written three reviews that were fairly well received, and I've got about three more in the pipeline.
I would like to improve the quality of my reviews and I was wondering if the Mentor program could help with that.
I've been thinking about joining the program as a student, but I guess I'm a little bit unclear about what the program is, how it works and what it does for me. Can anyone help clear up these questions?
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leatherlover leatherlover
The mentor program is great for everyone, from first time reviewers, to people with a few reviews finished but wanting a little more fine tuning. If you want to improve your reviews, there will be a mentor out there that can help you with that. The main way the mentor program works is that instead of submitting your review like you have done, and an editor checking for grammar errors, a mentor will read over the review, and make sure you have enough details and the proper information before submitting the review. If they think it is good, it will be published. If they think it needs some more work, they can attach a note to the bottom of the review, and send it back to you for an revision. Good luck choosing a mentor if you choose to go down that path. I am a mentor myself, and I used a mentor after I had submitted a few reviews when I first started, realizing that I needed some help.
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