Attention Bloggers

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Attention Bloggers

Kayla Kayla
I know we have a lot of bloggers here on EdenFantasys, and this is just a notice for those of you that use as a blogging platform or are considering starting a blog there. This is only for those that use (the free blogging service) and not those that use a self-hosted, version. If your link is blahblahblah.wordpress .com, then this would effect you.

Links from Wordpress blogs to will not work because Wordpress does not allow advertising. Affiliate links and product reviews are considered advertising by Wordpress and are not allowed. You can read the full policy here. This does not apply just to EdenFantasys posts or adult blogs; this same rule applies to any blogger wishing to link to a retailer.

To keep in line with Wordpress's Terms of Service, we ask that you please refrain from posting any off-site reviews on your blog. Along with that, EdenFantasys will not be working with blogs anymore as working with a blog would violate their Terms of Service.

Please, feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
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Rockin' Rockin'
Thanks for the announcement, Kayla!
SexyLilPixi SexyLilPixi
Good thing I moved back to Blogger quickly last month!
lexical lexical
Sooo, I use Wordpress and recently started doing reviews on my new blog there. I really have no intention of stopping. Instead, I have a link on my WP blog posts that leads to a blogger page with the full, EF-recommending, "advertising" review. Take that, Wordpress. :/
closed account closed account
Well this info just helped me finally decide not to switch to wordpress. thanks for the info
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