#Announcement - Goodbye Everyone!!! (Gary has left the building)

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#Announcement - Goodbye Everyone!!! (Gary has left the building)

MikeyWayFan MikeyWayFan
I'm fairly new to this community, but I've enjoyed being a part of it so far. Recently, I was excited to have been approved to be an editor, but then it started taking longer for support tickets to be answered and I lost my tasks.

This is all kind of overwhelming and confusing, but I'm glad I found this thread, even if it's a bit old, because I think it helps me understand some of the things that have been going on.

I appreciate every post on here, even the contradictory ones, as they have given me a better idea of the big picture, even if the picture is a confusing one.

To Gary and the admins who have been let go, I'm sorry to see you go, even if I might not have communicated with you personally. The customer service and community here were great for my first several months and it's obvious that you are all well-liked and appreciated in this community. I wish the best for each of you and for Eden.
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