(Wanting to get re-back into reviewing) Video reviews?

Ryuson Ryuson
Earlier this summer, all the changes to reviewing hit me at a bad time and I quit reviewing altogether. I'm looking into getting back into it (I actually got rid of most of my toys, I had a really rough break up and such) but can't find any updated info on video reviews.

The page still says to email Carrie Ann, who quit before I left! It also still says that video reviews pay in points, which was implemented when you could still use points to cover an order. Before I left I heard talk of the points awarded for editing and video reviews being given in gift cards to allow them to be used to cover orders, but I don't know if that happened and most threads these discussions happened on are gone at this point.

So I guess, is the video program still on hiatus? Who do I actually email if it's not? And is it paying in points still?

Thanks everyone!

PS- Has anything been done with the mentor program since it got dumped and reset? It's still on the 'join Eden' page, but I don't see it on my account page! I just am trying to see what's been done since I last logged on!
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Ansley Ansley
At this time, all programs save for DR reviews are still on hiatus. I'll be happy to assign a DR item for you.
Sincerely yours, N Sincerely yours, N
The mentor program is still down. : (
Ryuson Ryuson
Originally posted by Ansley
At this time, all programs save for DR reviews are still on hiatus. I'll be happy to assign a DR item for you.
That would actually be great! I have so few toys left, I ended up losing a lot to my ex... so any DRs that need doing would make my day!

Sad to hear the other programs are still down, though. :/
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
There are lots of new items recently added. I'd love to take on a DR assignment as well.
Ansley Ansley
As soon as I have something for DR, I'll assign them.
edeneve edeneve
yes, I'm still looking forward to DR assignments.
xnxxmax xnxxmax
Me too please!!
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