Can you delete and rewrite a review and/or edit to change to extended format?

Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
The first review I wrote on EF was just published, but I realize there is a lot more info I would have liked to include in it. I am proud of the reviews I wrote afterward but feel I could have done much better with that one. Is there a way to edit it and change the review format to the extended version? Or can I delete it and rewrite? I don't know how much editin is allowed once a review has been published. Thank you!
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Coralbell Coralbell
You can edit it, but you can't delete it or change to the extended template.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
Good to know, thanks!
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Yeah, once you start writing a review in one template and save the draft or publish, you cannot change it.
timelady timelady
What if I started to write a review for a product and then decided I don't want to? Can I delete the draft?
ToyBunny ToyBunny
I want to do this with my previous reviews too. Shame.
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