How long to write a review?

cobiffle cobiffle
I was curious on how long you had to write a review for an assignment. I have wrote my past reviews quickly because of having the toys before hand but my take me some time on my next few.
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toxie m toxie m
I usually get caught up in life's madness and only get around to submitting my assigned reviews about 3 weeks after receiving them, and no one's yelled at me for it yet (hurray!)
K101 K101
I have heard 6 weeks, but to be safe I'd make sure I didn't request or put too much on my plate that way you can get it done without interruptions. Let me tell you, they do happen! My last toy arrived the day after we were hit by tornadoes all day & we didn't have power & no way to write the review for a week! I hated it because I had to wait & I like to get it done quickly. But I like to wait until I've used the toy enough to give an accurate review. I find that I learn much more about a toy after several uses. I really don't think you can give a fully accurate review with only one use. I like to add how the batteries hold up and all so I like to know the toy well first.
Nothere Nothere
I sometimes procrastinate and I take a while to edit, so for me it takes about 1 week
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I do believe the system gives you 3 weeks before it sends a reminder notice. Mine on EF tend to be pretty quick, a week or two. On the blog, I sometimes take months
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