requesting assignments?

kawigrl kawigrl
it says you're allowed to request 4 assignments, so I put in a request for a few different lubes without reviews thinking maybe one of them might be approved. Or should I only put in one request at a time and wait to see if it gets approved?
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
You're better off requesting 4 things at once. If/When you get one assigned, the others will be canceled. This actually makes it easier to assign products, more choices.

Note though: Sometimes a product may show that it only has one or no other reviews, it could still have reviews/assignments pending.
kawigrl kawigrl
ok thanks i put in a bunch thinking one might get approved
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Im sure it will, welcome to Eden. It gets a little easier to figure out as you go along.
Howells Howells
One thing I noticed when "hunting" for unreviewed products that the comments count as reviews in the tabs, but if you open it you can see really how many of that are true reviews and how many are just comments. For those that didn't know I'm only in this through my mentor and we ended up like I have a wish list that got submitted to the admin to decide which one I'm getting
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